Thursday, July 26, 2007

Comic Con 2007

All the cool kids are in San Diego right now, and I wish I was one of them. One of these years I will make it to Comic Con. It's only four days and that's if you include the Thursday "preview." Friend and fan-subber Jim Diaz has told me stories of the size of this thing, and I'm sure it is not getting any smaller. Sure, Comic Con is about comics, but it encompasses so much more: anime, toys, gaming, film, art, books, and anything that comes close. Buy a ticket for one day at Comic Con and you can go to a seminar on intellectual property concerning comic books, take part in a Tekken tournament, watch an episode of Oh! My Goddess, go to a round table composed of comic book writers and artists, see George A Romero give a talk, meet Jamie Hernandez of Love and Rockets (the comic, not the band), and then stroll around the merch tables looking at all of the cool stuff for sale....and all that before noon. Comic Con is made for people like me. Some might argue that Comic Con has gotten too big. Maybe I will just go next year and decide for myself.

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