Saturday, October 27, 2007


You know, I thought one of the benefits of having Wong Kar Wai shoot a film in the US would be that marketing would be focused on the US. How wrong I was. Thus far, My Blueberry Nights is still on the horizon for playing in the US. (And you know haw the horizon can play tricks on you...) It is scheduled to open in Greece, France and Finland in November. In Belgium, Netherlands and China in December. And the US? In February. (February 13th is the date given on a very unreliable yet not totally useless internet movie database. How much you wanna bet there is some link to Valentines Day?) I would be willing to bet the price of a Mainland Chinese DVD that My Blueberry Nights will be available on DVD before in plays in the Twin Cities.

Find the first full trailer for the film HERE. From France.

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