Friday, May 30, 2008

Tarsem's THE FALL

I'm not very good at horn tootin', but you can check out my review of The Fall, out this week in the Twin Cities, in Friday's Star Tribune or this week's VitaMN or online via link below. The opening sequence has still stuck with me a month later - a truly beautiful cinematic moment.

Star Tribune: The Fall movie review.
The Fall's official website.


joetron2030 said...

Congrats on getting a review published! Is this a new regular gig for you?

I've heard similar mixed reviews for "The Fall". I haven't seen "The Cell" yet, either.

Kathie Smith said...

Thanks! Hopefully it's a regular gig. I'll be sure to post links here when I have something published.

Both The Fall and The Cell are visually interesting enough that I would totally recommend checking them out. The Fall has some of the most beautiful sequences.

Jeanne said...

What a delight it was to see your name on the Strib review of The Fall! Actually, I saw your name on my favorite movie review site, rotten tomatoes. Congratulations. I hope your new gig continues!