Wednesday, June 4, 2008

DVD releases for June 3

Control (2007) directed by Anton Corbijn
What was it about this film that was so unsatisfying for Unknown Pleasures' fans? It looked beautiful and had great acting (Sam Riley had Ian Curtis down to a science, especially his on stage performing.) But something left me a little cold. Am I alone here? Control is more than worth seeing however. It is a pretty impressive first feature from Anton Corbijn, better known as a a man of music videos. Samantha Morton makes a cursory appearance as the bitter wife alongside the boys in the bad. It's beautifully shot in high-contrast black and white that makes the grittiness palpable. Control is an interesting cronical that fails to reach the heights that Unknown Pleasures (and Ian Curtis) have in my mind.

Boarding Gate (2007) directed by Oliver Assayas
Wow. That was fast. Or at least it's available sooner than I thought it would be. I guess the theatrical run didn't go so well for this film. I know Boarding Gate didn't get the best of reviews but I was still upset about missing it at the film fest. My expectations are pretty low, but, let's face it, it has to be more interesting than Indiana Crystal Skull. If nothing else I am interested in the roles Kelly Lin, Carl Ng, Kim Gordon and Hong Kong play in the film.

You May Need a Murderer (2007) directed by David Kleijwegt
A documentary on Duluth's favorite slow-core band Low. I'm not sure why there hasn't been a screening of this around town, but whatever. It's also a little hard finding any information on this doc, so if anyone has seen it or knows anything about it let me know. I will try to get a hold of it and post my own thoughts as well.

Machine Girl (2008) directed by Noboru Iguchi
Some sort of mad combination of Tetsuo, Meatball Machine and Versus. Is it campy, crappy or something in between. Check out trailer (link on the title) for compatibility.

The Eye (2008) directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud
I really meant to see this in the theater, but it wasn't around very long. (Gee, I wonder what that means.) I'm pretty keen on the original.

Noise (2007) directed by Matthew Saville
I'm also a little embarrassed that I haven't seen this yet. It played at the MSPIFF and I have had the DVD (from Film Movement) for a few months. Every time I see the trailer, I think to myself, "That looks interesting."

And for all those waiting, Cloverfield is out on Blu-ray

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sandybeach said...

Just finished watching "Noise". I have to say that it surpassed my expectations based on the Netflix reviews. I think some had trouble with the Aussie accents, but if I can survive Sexy Beast and Layer Cake, I could handle this. Very well shot, great dialogue, a very entertaining movie. Indeed, the end was not tied up in a bow, but I am OK with that...that is reality.