Friday, October 24, 2008

Sound Unseen 9

This year's edition of Sound Unseen started, uh, yesterday. Fortunately the Star Tribune has done a very comprehensive overview of the fest and the films (in today's paper and in the free VitaMN), alleviating my guilt. The great thing about most of the films is they are repeated, so if you miss them the first time (which I undoubtedly will) you get a second chance. Outside of Dead Man and Rust Never Sleeps (which both rock in their own individual ways) and the Wholphin shorts (I am a sucker for DVD subscriptions), I can't comment on any of the films. Over all some pretty rave reviews in the Strib, which is great to see. I have seen many-an-unexpected gems at past Sound Unseens, and I'm sure this year's will be no different.

Sound Unseen 9 official website here.
VitaMN's rundown of the films here.

Sigur Rós: cool, sensitive, Icelandic and playing tonight.

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Daniel Getahun said...

I just about died when I learned War Child was playing on Monday - right when I had an event for work. I'd been waiting to see it and trying to contact the filmmaker for months. distribution deal in sight.