Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama

Unbelievable and amazing. For the first time in my very short voting history, I am very proud. After eight years of having an administration that, in my mind, turned their back on everything the United States stands for, I am filled with hope for our new president elect Barack Obama. November of 2000, I was in Vietnam, Hong Kong and China watching a surreal election drama unfold. Four years later in 2004, I was completely disheartened by the election (as apposed to the appointment) of George W. Bush. Watching the economy, the Iraq War, and general international perception of the United States go down the tube, I had lost some hope.

That has all changed. Not only did Barack Obama quickly claim Minnesota, but my home state of Indiana has made me proud and as did my people in Florida.

That being said, all is not well in Minnesota. Norm Coleman seems to have edge out Al Franken in an insanely close race (1,210,790 vs 1,210,028) that will demand a recount. Even more disappointing is the 6th District just to the south that decided to reelect someone who is just shy of an idiot (proved nationally a couple weeks ago on MSNBC.) Like a ring of red surrounding the Twin Cities and boarding the rural areas where people have more sense, the House won three seats: the aforementioned lunatic Michele Bachmann, incumbent John Kline, and Erik Paulsen, in a hard fought race that dashed the hopes of Democrat Ahwin Madia and his supporters.

Thank you for everyone who voted for Barack Obama, and for those who didn't please give this inspiring man a chance.

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Daniel Getahun said...

Amen to that!

How crazy that this actually happened - and that so many people love Bachmann...polar opposites, they are.