Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home Movies: March @ In Review Online

Since this blog is about as lifeless as a wet noodle, it seems appropriate to point out that I have become a contributor to an up-and-coming online magazine: In Review Online.

Check out my DVD picks for this month here: Home Movies: March

In Review Online delivers weekly content on new music and new films along with special features every Tuesday. I'll be giving my monthly picks for DVD releases on the last Tuesday of every month as well as making other contributions. The site is chock-full of content, and I would recommend checking it out and subscribing to the weekly e-mail detailing what is new on the site.

Here's what is in this week's issue, magically cut-and-pasted from the e-mail I got today:

THE WEEK IN REVIEW #30 [March 31st, 2009]

Issue includes...

Home Movies: March [Feature by Kathie Smith]

Film Reviews:
• Gigantic (2009) dir. Matt Aselton [Review by Sam C. Mac]
• Sunshine Cleaning (2009) dir. Christine Jeffs [Review by Sam C. Mac]
• Fantasia (1940) dir. Various [Review by Hayden Wright]

Music Reviews:
• Mastodon - Cracke the Skye (2009) [Review by Jordan Cronk]
Amadou & Mariam - Welcome to Mali (2009) [Review by Chris Nowling]
Dan Deacon - Bromst (2009) [Review by James O'Malley]

...and more (click above)

Seeing as I am inconsistent at best in offering a weekly synopsis of DVD releases, I'll send you to In Review Online to see my picks for the month. In the meantime I will try and come up with some other banter for Kathie Smith central.


Sandy Nawrot said...

No wet noodles here! Hey, congrats on this gig. I'm interested in how you got it...did they contact you or vice versa?

Sam C. Mac said...

We contacted her =)

Daniel Getahun said...

Worlds collide - two of my other blogging brethren (Nick and Matt) are also writing for IRO. Guess I'll have to make it a one stop shopping spot to keep up on all of you!

Kathie Smith said...

Yes, indeed. Sam's persistence won me over! We have some pretty exciting stuff coming up beyond my two cents on DVDs!

Daniel, I thought you would recognize some names on staff.