Saturday, September 5, 2009

MnDialog: Twin Cities Film Log: A look into the near future!

Twin Cities Film Log: A look into the near future!

In this case, the future in now. Watching The Warriors last night at the Trylon was damn near perfect and that is just the tip of the iceberg. September and October look to be very good months for your inner film fan. Opportunities abound at the Trylon, Walker, The Heights, and even the Oak Street. I'm a shameless pimp for all four venues. Go over to MNDialog for the highlights.

Check out the upcoming stuffs here:

Trylon Microcinema
The Heights
Walker Art Center
Oak Street Cinema
Revolution Reel at Intermedia
Sound Unseen 10
Landmark Theater


Sandy Nawrot said...

I would love to see The Warriors again...on the big screen. Awesome movie. "Warriors! Come out and plaaaaaay!"

Joseph Larsen said...

Looks like Evangelion 1.0 will also be over at Mall of America. Woo!

Kathie Smith said...

The Warriors is awesome for sure.

Joseph, that is good news! I don't know why FUNimation only listed Forest Lake on their site, but I would much rather go to MOA. Maybe it will be playing in the rumble seats! I haven't tried those yet!