Thursday, February 25, 2010

100 Best of the Decade: 20-39

Time to nip this in the bud and just post these buggers. I would love to write about all this films, but it ain't gonna happen today or tomorrow.

20. Colossal Youth (2006) Pedro Costa [Portugal]
Screened: Walker Art Center

21. 2046 (2004) Wong Kar Wai [Hong Kong]
Screened: Uptown Theater (It was race to see if I could get my hands on a DVD of 2046 before it hit theaters locally, and, sure enough, I have an absurdly package Mainland DVD that arrived first. But that didn't stop me from seeing it twice in the theater.)

22. Lilya 4-ever (2002) Lukas Moodysson [Sweden]
Screened: Edina Theater

23. Gozu (2003) Takashi Miike [Japan]
Screened: Oak Street Cinema

24. Woman on the Beach (2006) Hong Sang-soo [South Korea]
Screned: MSPIFF

25. Funky Forest (2005) Katsuhito Ishii [Japan]
Screened: DVD

26. The World (2004) Jia Zhang Ke [China]
Screned: MSPIFF

27. I’m Not There (2007) Todd Haynes [USA]
The most shocking thing about Todd Haynes biopic on Bob Dylan is that he pulled it off by being elusive but not ambivalent, smart but not pretentious, and incredibly entertaining but not the least bit conventional. Although the riches of the film are there to be mined by Dylan fans, “I’m Not There” is open book to anyone who even has a cursory knowledge of the myth and the man. Haynes’ stubborn persistence to clear rights and rigorous research simply laid the groundwork for a celebration of the erudite possibilities of film rarely explored. Challenging our preconceived notions of narrative, the film swims through Dylan’s ‘lives’ like a surreal fantasy.
Screened: Lagoon Theater

28. Inglourious Basterds (2009) Quentin Tarantino [USA]
Screened: Multiplex

29. Gomorrah (2008) Matteo Garrone [Italy]
Screened: Uptown Theater

30. Three Times (2005) Hou Hsiao Hsien [Taiwan]
Screened: Walker Art Center

31. La commune (Paris, 1871) (2000) Peter Watkins [France]
Screened: DVD

32. Electric Dragon 80000v (2001) Sogo Ishii [Japan]
You can have your Batmans and Spidermans; I'll take Electric Dragon and Thunderbolt Buddha.
Screened: DVD

33. Goodbye, Dragon Inn (2003) Tsai Ming Liang [Taiwan]
Screened: MSPIFF

34. West of the Tracks (2003) Wang Bing [China]
There is epic and there is epic. This documentary, divided into three parts, runs 9 1/2 mesmerizing hours. Shot in the city of Shenyang, West of the Tracks is a portrait of the disintegration of Communism's industrialized empire.
Screened: Bell Auditorium

35. The White Ribbon (2009) Michael Haneke [Austria]
Screened: Uptown Theater

36. Songs From the Second Floor (2000) Roy Andersson [Sweden]
Screened: DVD

37. 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007) Cristian Mungiu [Romania]
Screened: Edina Cinema

38. Turning Gate (2002) Hong Sang-soo [South Korea]
Screened: DVD

39. Irreversible (2002) Gasper NoƩ [France]
Screened: Lagoon


Sandy Nawrot said...

Two this time, with one in my queue. I'm wondering, really, how the hell you rank a hundred movies. I'm not sure I could do this with books.

Kathie Smith said...

I think part of the reason I wanted to post these was because it was such an arduous task, literally fishing through the releases for the past ten years for months. I've kept pretty good records of what I have seen the past three years, but the rest are in the dark recesses, if you know what I mean.