Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good News from Criterion

If you get Criterion's newsletter and opened it and made it to the bottom of the page, you saw this coy graphic last week:

It looks like chaos will reign at Criterion, and I for one couldn't be more happy. Von Trier's engages in a little self-criticism for our pleasure and at our expense. Antichrist is currently available for view on-demand at various places, but, considering that this film was shot on HD, a Blu-Ray is likely to look better than the 35mm print you saw in the theater. And make no mistake, Antichrist has some stunning images. There are also, of course, the more talked about horrific images that made many people shy away from seeing this film in the theater, and rightly so. On a second viewing there may be scenes where I decide to turn my head, so I'm not going to tell anyone that the 'bad' scenes aren't that bad. But, what I will do when this movie is released on Blu-Ray is nail down scenes and times where people should either fast forward or avert their eyes. I'll even come up with sterile descriptions of the scene. Is this cheating? Maybe, but the most brutal scenes are in effect ones where Von Trier punches us in the face and we cannot punch back. I think if you don't want to be punched, that's fair, and it won't take away from the film.


Sandy Nawrot said...

Well that is about all you had to say to convince me to see it. I have been officially double-dog-dared to not turn away from the graphic scenes by my sister!

Kathie Smith said...

Believe me, there is one that I only need to see once - after you see it, I think you will agree. Make sure the kids are asleep!