Monday, October 18, 2010

VIFF 2010: From top to bottom.

This has been a long time coming, but here is a list of all the films I saw in Vancouver very loosely ranked from best to worst. Of course on any given day, the films could shift around a little, but not by much. (This is especially true for the top 14 films that I admire and adore equally.) On the other hand, it is only the last two films on the list that I found completely awful with the rest having at least one or two redeeming factors.

  1. Winter Vacation d. Li Hongqi (China)
  2. Mundane History d. Anocha Suwichakornpong (Thai)
  3. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives d. Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thai)
  4. Certified Copy d. Abbas Kiarostami (France)
  5. Another Year d. Mike Leigh (UK)
  6. Karamay d. Xu Xin (China)
  7. I Wish I Knew d. Jia Zhangke (China)
  8. Aurora d. Cristi Puiu (Romania)
  9. Hahaha d. Hong Sangsoo (S Korea)
  10. End of Animal d. Jo Sung-hee (S Korea)
  11. Fortune Teller d. Xu Tong (China)
  12. Cold Fish d. Shion Sono (Jpn)
  13. Poetry d. Lee Changdong (S Korea)
  14. Don't Be Afraid Bi! d. Phan Dang Di (Vietnam)
  15. Mysteries of Lisbon d. Raúl Ruiz (Spain)
  16. Leap Year d. Michael Rowe (Mexico)
  17. Red Dragonflies d. Liao Jiekai (Singapore)
  18. Rumination d. Xu Ruotao (China)
  19. Chassis d. Adolfo Alix Jr. (Philippines)
  20. The Fourth Portrait d. Chung Mong-hong (Taiwan)
  21. Good Morning to the World d. Saturo Hirohara (Jpn)
  22. The High Life d. Zhao Dayong (China)
  23. Gallants d. Derek Kwok, Clement Cheng (HK)
  24. The Tiger Factory d. Woo Ming Jin (Malaysia)
  25. Thomas Mao d. Zhu Wen (China)
  26. R d. Michael Noer, Tobias Lindholm (Denmark)
  27. The Robber d. Benjamin Heisenberg (Austria)
  28. Sampaguita, National Flower d. Francis X Pasion (Philippines)
  29. Armadillo d. Janus Metz (Denmark)
  30. Oki's Movie d. Hong Sangsoo (S Korea)
  31. The Sleeping Beauty d. Catherine Breillat (France)
  32. The Drunkard d. Freddie Wong (HK)
  33. The Man from Nowhere d. Lee Jeong-beom (S Korea)
  34. 108 d. Renate Costa (Spain)
  35. Rubber d. Quentin Dupieux (France/USA)
  36. Peace d. Soda Kazuhiro (Jpn)
  37. Get Out of the Car d. Thom Andersen (US)
  38. Sawako Decides d. Ishii Yuya (Jpn)
  39. Echoes of the Rainbow d. Alex Law (HK)
  40. Insects in the Backyard d. Tanwarin Sukkhapisit (Thai)
  41. Heartbeats d. Xavier Dolan (Canada)
  42. Incendies d. Denis Villeneuve (Canada)
  43. Aftershock d. Feng Xiaogang(China)
  44. Seven Days in Heaven d. Wang Yu-lin, Essay Liu (Taiwan)
  45. The Strange Case of Angelica d. Manoel de Oliveira (Portugal)
  46. The Red Chapel d. Mads Brugger (Denmark)
  47. Pinoy Sunday d. Ho Wi Ding (Taiwan)
  48. Surviving Life d. Jan Svankmajer (Czech)
  49. Merry-Go-Round d. Yan Yan Mak, Clement Cheng (HK)
  50. Of Love and Other Demons d. Hilda Hildalgo (Costa Rica/Columbia)
  51. Ugly Duckling d. Garri Bardin (France/Russia)
  52. Repeaters d. Carl Bessai (Canada)
  53. Metamorphosis d. Lee Samchil (S Korea)
  54. LA Zombie d. Bruce LaBruce (US)
That's a lot of frackin' movies. Can't wait to do it again!


Sandy Nawrot said...

That is totally insane. I assume you took copious notes. I probably need to print this out, just so I can try to see a few of the top ones maybe. We have been off the movie-watching kick lately, but are about to redo our living room into a media room, so that might help.

Kathie Smith said...

Unfortunately not too many of these are available yet. I'll be a little more specific when I do my year end round up of things you will and won't see coming around these parts.

villainx said...

Hmm... I know it's more troublesome, but I wish you included the name of the directors. While the specific movie might not be available, sometimes other movies but those directors could be. Though probably easy to pick up from your earlier posts.

Kathie Smith said...

Villainx: You are totally right! I was being lazy. When I have a chance, I will do some editing. It's the least can do to thank you for the Boonmee bag!

villainx said...


Since you might be editing, why is this post dated for October?

Did you notice the autographed program too?

Kathie Smith said...

Holy shit! I didn't notice the autograph! I had put the program in the bag and hung it up - I just opened the program to Uncle Boonmee! Very cool! I'm going to have to do some work to get you back for that one!

As far as the post dating, that mostly for my own records. I tucked it back at the end of my VIFF posts in October, so a year from now it will be easier to find... I also felt lame posting this list in December!

villainx said...

Oh, don't feel like you have to get me back. Your regularly updated blog more than does it.

I had hope to fill up the program with more and different stuff, but either the directors were no shows, or well, I could only have caught so many flicks.