Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MSPIFF log 4.30.11

Tomorrow Will Be Better (2010)
dir. Dorota Kedzierzawska

Day 17
33rd Film
(7/10) Recommended

Tomorrow Will Be Better chronicles three Ukranian street kids in their attempt to sneak into Poland. The three leads are played by homeless kids the director met while scouting for locations. The kids are expected to carry the film and for the most part they do with their unexpected charisma, especially real-life brothers Evgeny and Oleg Ryba. (Can't find a poster or a trailer for this bugger, but it's a really solid film.)

My Joy (2010)
dir. Sergei Loznitsa

Day 17
34th Film
(9/10) Highly Recommended

Wow, did I love this film. More on this later.

Project Nim (2011)
dir. James Marsh

Day 17
35th Film
(7/10) Recommended

Stake Land

dir. Jim Mickle

Day 17
36th Film
(2/10) Not Recommended

I saw Mullberry Street during HorrorFest a couple years ago, so my expectation were set pretty low. Ultimately, this is a rehash of a rehash or a rehash that takes itself way too seriously considering the appropriation and lack of originality. It wants to be "Walking Dead," but doesn't come even close.

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