Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Look ma! A blog update!

Because of a jab about my stagnant and uninteresting blog (Oops! I was sitting at the table!), here's what I have been up to, in between stoking the fires at the Walker Art Center and the Trylon microcinema.

MSPIFF is over. Congrats to the Film Society of Minneapolis and St Paul for another successful year and daunting slate of films. There were 20 films in the line-up I had seen prior to the Fest, and I'm glad to say that I caught 28 more during the Fest. Of the ones I saw at the Fest, there were a number of standouts, most notably Aleksandr Sokurov's Faust and Andrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights, but I also greatly enjoyed Nuit #1, Target, Oslo Ausust 31, and Whore's Glory. Check them out if you get a chance.
 (A film with a fantastic opening sequence.)

If you used either VitaMN or the Star Tribune to make your choices on what to see at MSPIFF, it's possible that you are either cursing or praising my name. I turned in eleven capsules for films that I mostly liked. I know it's a little late, but as a matter of record that I'm not as lazy as my blog implies, here are the links the my mini reviews:
The worst film I saw during the fest? V/H/S. Holy mother of God. Why?

I also put in a few full-ish reviews of films I saw at the Festival with In Review Online.
  • Keyhole Disappointing, but not terrible. 2 stars.
  • Whore's Glory Glawogger has something going on. 3 stars.
Look for a Festival wrap on In Review Online. Who knows, maybe I will even blog about that.

I also wrote an essay about the digital conundrum facing cinemas and the upgrades taking place in the Walker Cinema right now. In the Walker magazine and online here: Cinema Renovation Pushes the Future, Preserves the Past 

My blog, maybe still not interesting, but updated!

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