Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Update No One Has Been Waiting For

Despite the pathetic appearance on my blog, I have been doing a little writing here and there, as well as toiling away trying to find a job (yes, still looking and still failing.) Here is the rundown of the writing:

Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival
Remember MSPIFF? I covered the festival for a few places, tallying up a total of 20 reviews. Fun! I very favorably reviewed Pema Tseden's Old Dog (pictured below), which played early in the fest, and then got to overhear hilarious quibbles with what many thought were unwarranted accolades on my part. I stand by my praise!

Minneapolis Star Tribune - My 100 Word Wonders (sorry, slideshow scrolling to find the actual review required)
City Pages - Slightly More Indulgent Reviews (once again, you'll have to scroll down to find my prose)
Twitch - Free Reign, No Scrolling

I spoke with MN native Billy Rosenberg, producer for The Spectacular Now, for the Walker Art Center, who hosted an early screening of the film with Rosenberg and James Ponsoldt in attendance. 

And I continue to contribute regular reviews for In Review Online

And two entries in our Wong Kar-wai Directrospective:
And at the six month mark, I provided my best of the year so far with other InROers:

I also will have a piece in a new publication coming in October called The Third Rail Quarterly. As of yet, there is no sign that this publication exists, but I will be sure to point it out when it does. I am, of course, on Twitter and Letterboxd, although my activity is anything but prolific or profound. I continue to program, project and make merriment at the Trylon microcinema. Unfortunately, I will not be traveling to any of the IFFs this fall (see lack-of-job lamentations at the top of this page) but as an interesting consolation prize, I will be going to the Orphans Midwest Symposium and covering the activities for Keyframe.

If any of this impresses you, please hire me. XO


Sandy Nawrot said...

Well I'm impressed...does that count? I never fail to be amazed at how many movies you see and review. You've been busy. I'm wishing the very best, with crossed fingers, that you land your dream job.

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