Thursday, December 28, 2006

Infernal Affairs vs. The Departed

I watched Infernal Affairs last night for the third time, but my first time watching it since I saw Scorcese's The Departed. I was surprised to see how many set-ups are actually ripped, uh, I mean, appropriated from Infernal Affairs. The Departed is ending up on quite a few top ten lists for the year, with very little mention of the original. Perhaps I am slightly biased, but Infernal Affairs is superior in so many ways.

Overall the story is much tighter and much more polished. Scorcese's version is like an unruly thug, demanding too much space and very little attention. The performances in The Departed are admittedly more overt, but does wearing a prosthetic penis really mean better acting?


jmberes said...

I finally caught this and I can't agree more. I thought it was pretty disappointing. I have to wonder if Marty got the Oscar for The Departed, or if The Departed was just an excuse to give him an Oscar for his older, better work.

jmberes said...

Oh, and yes, a prosthetic penis does mean better acting. Plus, didn't you hear the accent that Jack Nicholson used in some parts of his performance? Brilliant.