Sunday, April 8, 2007

Viz Pictures wins a gold star

Viz Media, mostly known as a distributor of anime and manga, steps up to the plate with Viz Pictures and picks up three of the best Japanese films in the past few years (and films that I whole-heartedly love.)

  • First in line is the charming Linda Linda Linda (out on DVD May 8, 2007) about the four peice girl band that could.
  • Second is Katsuhiro Ishii's Taste of Tea (out on DVD July 3, 2007) that is equally charming and quirky. Taste of Tea played a couple years ago at the MSPIFF and I implored everyone I knew to go see it. If they missed it, I invited them over to my house to watch the Japanese DVD. Now you can own it for yourself. A special edition promises a 91 minute "Making The Taste of Tea" with fancy subtitles.
  • Third and certainly not least is Ping Pong (out on DVD in September), the best sports movie ever! I know this is a pretty loaded statement, but you just can't underestimate this great film about the game of ping pong.
Buy all three or ask you local independent video store to pick them up when they come out. No one will be disappointed.

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