Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Blog

Woop-tee-doo. I've had a blog for a year. At 148 posts, there are no records for quantity being set and, I assure you dear reader, I will always strive for better quality. Over the last year I have learned how hard it can be to watch as many movies as possible, be engaged in the local scene of music, art and performance, maintain a personal life, work 40 hours a week and still have time to sit down and write my reflections, be they banal or profound. In a perfect world, someone would pay me for the watching and writing part, but I'm afraid banality doesn't get much respect these days. So until I get more profound and more original, I will settle for my happy-go-lucky job as a lumper. In the meantime, I've decided to sift out the chaff and focus on film postings only (with an occasional impulsive T-wolves posting here and there.) Although I like other stuff, film is my unapologetic passion.

Being flip is fun, but I really wouldn't be doing this if I didn't take it seriously. Soooo, here are a few goals pour moi in 2008:
  • Raise the quality while maintaining quantity. I have no intentions on posting every day unless I win the lottery and really can quit my job. Although I am happy with an average of 2.76 posts a week, I am unsatisfied with the average lameness of the posts. My intentions are to write more reviews and actual content, with the news items taking a back seat.
  • Connect with people interested in a Twin Cities film website. As much as I can appreciate how easy (and cheap) blogs are, the time is ripe for a new resource for Twin Cities film. The local film editor for the City Pages was fired, and the dailies work with a skeleton staff and impossible deadlines. Often the best way to keep track of what is going on is to simply visit the individual websites of the non-chain cinema houses. But that's not easy. (Case and point, I went to the Heights yesterday to see Juno, and just happened to notice that the 1927 silent film Chicago accompanied by organ will be playing Thursday. Is this going to get any press? I doubt it.) The Twin Cities has a pretty amazing film community out there, and some pretty cool things going on here. The working equation for me is getting more people to the cool films, and in return getting more cool films.
  • Attract more readers. For those that do read this blog, thank you. It's not meant to be a vacuum and I am glad to hear that people do occasionally read it. Hopefully writing more original content will attract more people, but I am not afraid to ask readers to do a little pimping for me: if you read something you like or think is interesting or stupid, pass it along to people you think might enjoy it.
Probably the best news, for me, is that after a year, I'm not even close to being burnt out. I only wish I had more time. And as much as I would like to mull all of this over a little bit more, I have a movie to watch. Cheers to your 2008.

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