Friday, December 14, 2007


Remember back in 1998 when a director named Andrew Lau made a movie called Storm Riders that was supposed to save Hong Kong film? In retrospect, I don't know if Storm Riders followed through on that promise, but it did usher in a new era of special effects and it also proved that Hong Kong films could do honest battle with Hollywood films at the domestic box office. Of course the success of Storm Riders was partially due to the popularity of the comic book it was based on by Ma Wing Shing. Asian Media Access brought Storm Riders to the big screen in the Twin Cities more than a few times, and I'm pretty sure I saw it every time. It stars pretty boys Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok in the two lead roles as Wind and Cloud, with Sonny Chiba, Kristy Yeung and Shu Qi in supporting roles. Although it seems a bit dated now, I am still fond of this movie.

Now Danny and Oxide Pang are signing on to bring the Storm Riders back in a sequel that is sure to rival the original. The Pang Brothers have hit these shores with their English language debut The Messengers, and have just wrapped up a remake of their own film Bangkok Dangerous due out next year and starring Nicolas Cage. Look also for the remake of their hit horror film The Eye next year. The Pangs have a boat-load of style in their back pocket, and while I haven't loved every film they have made, I feel Storm Riders is in good hands. As much as I long to see Aaron's pretty face and Ekin's flowing hair, neither has been confirmed in the sequel. The Pangs will start shooting Storm Riders II later this year and will hit screens hopefully around the time I am in Hong Kong for the 2009 Hong Kong International Film Festival.

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