Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kon Ichikawa R.I.P.

Kon Ichikawa, acclaimed Japanese director, die today at the age of 92. Ichikawa was best known for his films Fire on the Plains, Burmese Harp and his documentary Tokyo Olympiad. I have seen far too few of his films to make an accurate judgment on his life and work, but personally, I found his better known films, although admirable, a bit of a slog. I did however find great pleasure in his highly stylized and visually stunning film An Actors Revenge (1963) and the surreal and engaging The Inugami Family (1976). His most recent film was in fact a 2006 remake of The Inugami Family that has been elusive on the DVD front.

Senses of Cinema has a great bio on Ichikawa.
Obituary on Variety Asia.

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