Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So long HD?

Well it looks like Toshiba's HD will be joining Beta and Laserdiscs in the format graveyard. Word is on the street that Toshiba is going to throw in the towel (or at least try to be the first to come up with the new new format.) The signs were written on the wall for a while. Major blows came to HD when Warner Brothers announced they would go exclusively with Blu-ray, and then our big box collective unconscious, Walmart, decided to dump HD. At the very least, any hesitation that studios had in which format to commit to will be over. As much as I hate the name, Sony's Blu-ray is the champ.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that a Blu-ray player or PS3 is pretty far down the line as a financial priority for me. My birthday is in May.

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