Sunday, April 6, 2008

Charlton Heston R.I.P.

Charlton Heston died yesterday at the age of 84. He had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and pretty much retreated from the public sphere in 2002. Heston's acting legacy is nothing short of iconic, but unfortunately it is overshadowed, in my opinion, his political rallying for an individual's ridiculous right to bare arms. For me his reputation went down the tubes with his interim as president of the NRA. If he had not been in Touch of Evil and Planet of the Apes, I wouldn't have even bothered with the post.


Barry Kryshka said...

What, no love for The Omega Man or Soylent Green?

Kathie Smith said...

Sorry, I was doin' more hatin' than lovin', but the reality is that Heston has many great films. And that definitely includes The Omega Man and Soylent Green!

Barry Kryshka said...

Kathie, I meant to email this, but can't find your address. Anyway, here's a little film geekery for you.

The Parkway opens Paranoid Park on Friday, and since we're all set up for my rep stuff, we actually have the lenses to show the film in its original aspect ratio. Gus Van Sant shot the film in 1.37, and while I could be wrong, I suspect Landmark was cropping it to 1.85.

Check out Joe Beres' post on the Walker blog:

Kathie Smith said...

That's awesome you guys are getting Paranoid Park. I read Joe's post shortly after seeing it at the Lagoon, and although I wasn't scrutinising the aspect ratio super close, it was definitely squarish. It may not have been exactly 1.37, but it definitely wasn't 1.85.

BTW I think my e-mail comes up if you click on my name here in the comments section.