Friday, July 4, 2008

Alex Cox proposes REPO CHICK

As reported in Screen Daily, Alex Cox is shopping a sequel to his 1984 mega-cult hit Repo Man, entitled Repo Chick. As you might expect it an updated version of the life and times within the repossession business with a female in the lead. Very very few details as of yet besides that "the film will feature some of the same cast," but not Emilio Estevez or Henry Dean Stanton. (I'm not sure what that really means, other than that cast members we don't actually remember will be in the new film.)

The concept sounds awesome, but obviously a lot hinges on just who will play the repo chick. Repo Chick has the potential to go Hollywood dumb or independent cool. Cox's last film was Revengers Tragedy, a sci-fi Thomas Middleton drama that I saw via UK import DVD prior to its delayed domestic release. Revengers Tragedy is brilliantly cast with British actors: Christopher Eccleston, Derek Jacobi, Anthony Booth, Eddie Izzard and many many more.

Considering that he is scheduled to shoot a film called Briefcase in 2009, chances are we will not see hide nor hair of Repo Chick for some time. Cox has a new book out entitled X-Films - True Confessions of a Radical Filmmaker, out now in the UK and due out in the US in September.

Check out Cox's website here.
Read the Screen Daily story here.


bionicjones said...

Wow! Can't wait to see what transpires with this. REPO MAN was such a part of my highschool years. Why on earth would Estevez turn down a chance to be in this?

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, Repo Chick has completed principal photography. The lead is actress, Jaclyn Jonet, who was the female lead in "Searchers 2.0", which is also written and directed by Repo Man director, Alex Cox. Many cast members from Alex Cox's other films, Repo Man, Sid & Nancy, Straight to Hell, Walker, Death and the Compass, The Winner, Revenger's Tragedy, El Patrullero and Searchers 2.0, are in Repo Chick.

Some of the cast members are Del Zamora, Miguel Sandoval, Robert Beltran, Chloe Webb, Karen Black, Tracy Walter, Tom Finnegan, Eddie Velez, Zander Schloss, amongst many others.


Del Zamora said...

I have an original Repo Man poster that I will be listing on E bay, once Alex Cox signs it. I have been in 9 of his movies. He gave me my break in Repo Man.


Kathie Smith said...

Thanks for the updates! I am really looking forward to Repo Chick!