Monday, February 16, 2009

A very very nice trailer for Yu Lik Wai's PLASTIC CITY

This is either old news or no news, but let's call it record keeping for myself. A trailer for Yu Lik Wai's Plastic City has arrived almost 6 months after it premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year. Confused? Me too. Apparently (as reported by Todd over at Twitch) Yu's new film had been invited to both the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals last year, but when the time came around, the film was not entirely finished. Instead of backing out (I'm not sure how this is worse than presenting an unfinished film), Plastic City played with the request that buyers not come to the screenings.

There is a lot of anticipation for Plastic City, not only because of Yu's incredible talent but also because of a cast that included Anthony Wong and Joe Odagiri. Yu Lik Wai is better known as Jia Zhang Ke's cinematographer. Plastic City is only his third feature film as director.

Because all news on Plastic City had seemed dormant for the past few months, it seems obvious that Yu has gone back and quietly finished the film to his liking. The trailer, far from quiet, looks better than I could have anticipated. The film takes place in São Paulo, Brazil. Part Triad film, part international action drama, Plastic City looks fantastic.

Thanks to Twitch and Nippon Cinema who reported on this way before me.


YTSL said...

Hi Kathie --

Saw "Plastic City" last night. My suggestion to you: lower your expectations re this film... by a lot. (I'm going to go watch "Ashes of Time Redux" for a third time today to make me believe in the magic of the movies again... :S)

Kathie Smith said...

Awww, that's too bad. I think Love Will Tear Us Apart is a highly underrated film, so I was hoping for more of the same.

Yes, there is always Ashes to restore our faith!