Saturday, July 25, 2009

Parlate italiano?

Translation: Do you speak Italian? Answer from my side of the room is an ashamed no. My brain has balked at more than two languages, and my attempts at romance languages have been pathetic. But maybe its time to pick up that "Italian for Idiots" once again.

Surprisingly, my Italian friends visit my blog more than any other non-English speaking country. Dan over at Barren Illusions won me over not only by the title of his blog (an obscure Kiyoshi Kurosawa film that some friends and I had fan-subbed eight years ago) but also his friendly and active participation here on these pages. His eclectic blog is accentuated by beautiful photos that need little translation. I nonetheless send the text through an online translator to make sure I get the general gist.

The biggest surprise however was when Alessio Galbiati and Roberto Rippa contacted me from the online magazine Rapporto Confidenziale with an interest in translating my review for Limits of Control. The possibility that I would write anything worth translating never even crossed my mind, let alone someone actually doing it! And so it is, and let me tell you, I have never had a review look so good or sound so smart! A big thanks to Alessio and Roberto, and Paola Catò for translating. More collaborations are in the works, and I hope I able to continue to come up with things of interest.

Check out the translated Limits of Control review in Issue 15. (Scroll down and use full page reader - better than a glossy magazine!)

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Sandy Nawrot said...

Way to go Kath! You know you've made it when something you've written gets translated!