Friday, June 8, 2007

INLAND EMPIRE DVD coming soon!

I guess this is somewhat old news, but I had made the incorrect assumption that it might be some time before we saw David Lynch's Inland Empire hit DVD due to the unique theatrical distribution Lynch set up with 518 Media. Although I found one online retailer giving a July 24th release date, other sites are listing August 14 as the release date of the 2 disc set put out by Rhino. In the press release from last year, Lynch stated "The DVD will be really cool as well. It will have so much great stuff on there. I am going to load it up and make it exactly the way I want it." Here are the special features listed from one site:

· "Lynch 2: Behind The Scenes of Inland Empire With David Lynch"
· "Talks With Laura Dern and David Lynch: More Things That Happened (Additional Character Experiences)"
· 3 theatrical trailers
· 73-page stills gallery
· David Lynch Cooks Quinoa

Wow. But don't expect chapters in those "special features." Lynch has long been adamant about not including chapter stops, when possible, on DVD releases of his films. So if you want to see that creepy shot as Laura Dern comes running out of the dark straight for the camera, well, you'll just have to fast forward old-school. (Here's a thought: anyone see that sped-up version of Night Watch? Imagine watching Inland Empire like that!)

Inland Empire has been by far one of the most interesting films of the year, and although I saw it three times in the theater
(should I be embarrassed?), I am excited to watch it again.

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