Sunday, June 24, 2007

USPS does Star Wars

The first time I rode by an R2-D2 mailbox, I thought an artist had done some pretty slick public art. The second time I saw one in a different location I realized the artist was the United States Postal Service. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, not only were they coming out with a commemorative set of stamps, they were also dressing up some of their mailboxes.

The stamps, which came out at the end of May, are almost as cool as the mailboxes:Yoda, bottom center, has been voted as the favorite and we will see single sheets of Yoda this fall. Personally, I like the X-wing starfighter in the lower left. The sheet has descriptions on the back of each stamp, such as "Abandoning individuality for conformity, stormtroopers represent the most visible extension of Imperial might. Deployed in overwhelming numbers, they put down insurrections and maintain oppressive order on the far-flung worlds of the Empire. Varying planetary conditions often call for specially trained and equipped units, such as the snowtroopers who besiege the ice world of Hoth and the lightly armored scout troopers who patrol the forests of Endor."

You can also get a set of Star Wars Express Mail envelopes. I would love to get something in that Darth Vader envelope!

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