Sunday, June 17, 2007

Picasso A Go Go

The Picasso and American Art exhibit opened this weekend at the Walker Art Certer. The Friday night 'Walker After Hours' opening party had people waiting in line to see the paintings. Hippsters hob-nobbed with philanthropists as people wove their way through this large exhibit. Although Picasso is the anchor of the show, the paintings by the people he influenced out-number the actual Picassos, and the show is probably stronger because of that. There are a number of great paintings by Willem de Kooning, Stuart Davis, Jan Maltuka and Jasper Johns, just to name a few that stood out out me.

The was plenty of other activities at the opening. The Party People photos continue to trademark the events as the images pop up everywhere in Walker marketing. Great local band Digitata was rocking out in Gallery 8. There were hands-on activities down in the art lab. The film The Mystery of Picasso was playing in the cinema. And summertime brings the outdoor Target tent. Oh, yeah, and plenty of food and drink.

I like the atmosphere of the Walker After Hours. One part party, and one party opening; one part culture, and one part fun; and the mix seems to work out just right. The Picasso event sold out two weeks ago and although it was crowded, people seemed equally spaced between gallery and common spaces both inside and outside. If you missed the event, check out the show. But stay on your toes: the next Walker After Hours is practically around the corner, and it will sell out fast!

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