Friday, November 23, 2007

THE EYE remake

I saw the preview for the US remake of the Pang Brother's The Eye last night before The Mist. The remake stars Jessica Alba in Angelica Lee's role as the blind woman who receives an eye transplant that has some pretty creepy consequences. The original Eye was amongst a smattering of high profile Hong Kong horror films that came out around 2002 (Visible Secret 1 an 2, Inner Senses, Going Home) that had a fair amount of success. It's a well made film that I found very enjoyable. I even own the DVD. Time will only tell if Jessica Alba can make the US remake profitable. The bigger question is whether it will be any good. From the trailer, it seems to riff directly off the Hong Kong original, but without the Pang Brother niche for visual style. I am also not convinced Jessica Alba can act. It was shear desperation on an international flight that I watched the Fantastic Four, and I haven't seen any of her other films since. On a positive note, Parker Posey has a supporting role. Who doesn't want to see Parker in a horror movie? The Eye opens in February.

Check out The Eye trailer HERE
Check out the US trailer for the original HERE

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