Monday, November 5, 2007

Looks like Takashi Miike has a hit on his hands!

To his credit, cult film director Takashi Miike has been successful without having a so-called hit. With over 70 films on his resume, many straight to video releases, Miike has made a name for himself by being unbelievably prolific and by pushing the boundaries of cult film while still engaging festival crowds worldwide. This year is no different with Like a Dragon, Western Django and Crows Zero making the rounds at festivals. In the case of Crows Zero, which opened last week in Japan, it looks like Takashi Miike might have a legitimate hit on his hands. It made $3.5 million over it's opening weekend and bumped the number one movie for six weeks, Hero, into second. It is set to become Miike's biggest money maker yet.

Crows Zero (also being billed as Crows: Episode 0) is the prequal to planned adaptation of the very popular manga of the same name about gangs of young ruffians fighting their way into adulthood, subject matter that is not foreign to Miike. If there is any doubt what this movie is about, check the trailer out on the official website. Jason Gray reported on his blog that Crows is attracting almost an equal number of young women as it is young men.

Of course, we will have to wait and see what this all means for a US release. Until then you can form your opinion by reading recent reviews from Variety and Twitch.

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