Thursday, November 1, 2007

Vicki Zhao + Steve Nash

I was browsing through the New York Times Sports Magazine, Play, and I got pretty engrossed in the article about Steve Nash. Nash is easily one of the best players out there and perhaps the best guard in the NBA. He is really fun to watch play (god, remember the game last year against the Wolves where the Wolves almost pulled it off?) and, he and his team the Suns got pretty ripped of in the playoffs. Anyway. I turn the page, and what do I see? A picture of Steve Nash and Vicki Zhao! (Okay, Yao Ming was in the picture too, but who cares.) What is this with my girl Vicki and Steve?!?

As it turns out, Steve and Vicki happened to be at the same charity event while the Suns where doing pre-season play in China. No, they aren't dating. I doubt that they even talked to each other. I was, however, saddened that Vicki was not even credited in the photo. As if she is just any Chinese woman. If they author had seen Jeff Lau's Chinese Odyssey 2002 or Corey Yuen's So Close, I'm pretty sure she would have gotten a caption on the photo, if not a mention in the article! I just want someone, other than me, to acknowledge the serendipity of these two worlds, both objects of my obsession, colliding if only for a brief second.

Home opener tomorrow night! See you in the cheap seats!

(You'll see Vicki in John Woo's much anticipated new film, Red Cliff, with Tony Leung.)

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Anonymous said...

Funny that I should find someone else with the same obsession...for Vicki Zhao that is and also through the movie So Close. That opened a lot of eyes you can be sure, even a person down in Argentina, whom I've met also on the world wide of the web!