Friday, August 8, 2008

Ba Ba Ba and Olympic Fever

It is the start of the Summer Olympics in Beijing on what might be the most auspicious day ever: 8/8/08 (or in Chinese ba ba ba, which is basically goo fortune times three.) No doubt, much of the spin on the Olympics is that the Chinese are bad and, by default, we (that would be the US) are the beacons of morality. Whatever. Let's just say there are human rights problems in other countries as well.

For the time being though, I'm with Liu Huan and Na Ying: One World One Dream!

Personally I am very excited about the Olympics if for no other reason than every star within what China sees as its boarders is involved. Case and point: Here is Gillian Chung, as the "FIBA Diamond Ball Ambassador," ready to get the smack down from Lisa Leslie.
"Please don't hit me."

And yet another mega-stars spectacle in this music video that was championed as the 100 Stars 100 Days countdown theme song, with entertainers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Mainland personally welcoming us to Beijing, over and over again.

Here is Zhang Yimou, director of the opening ceremonies that will be televised tonight on NBC, carrying the torch through Beijing. (Of coarse, Steven Spielberg was invited to help direct, but due to pressure from his 'genocide olympics' friends, he bowed out like a ninny.)
"I didn't like the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull anyway."

I see China as my surrogate country and am willing to say that I love it very much. I understand the pride for their country, as imperfect as it is, that has seen more changes in the last ten years than anyone else is likely to see in a lifetime. 恭喜中国!

Bring on the ping pong and the badminton!


Daniel G. said...

Love the enthusiasm! I'm pretty excited, too.

My main concern will be avoiding the results before seeing the events.

sandybeach said...

I almost called you last night, Kath, while watching the opening ceremonies with my 8-year-old. I knew you would have something insightful to say about the brilliant man behind what we were watching. We were mesmerized for four hours, which is a feat as you know for a twitchy little boy and an exhausted mom. Human right issues and pollution and security problems is all I heard about for weeks. But all that be damned...that was the most visually stimulating, creative, breathtaking display of art I have ever seen. I will never forget it - it blows all other opening ceremonies to crap. You have a right to be proud.

Kathie Smith said...

That little stabbing sure puts a damper on things...totally sucks. The guy was from a suburb of the Twin Cities. Let the hate begin.