Sunday, August 3, 2008


Posting about Ashes of Time is my own helpless attempt to get this film in a theater near me. Soon. Please. The Sony Pictures Classic website has yet to have any real content, but I ran across this page at the New York Times where they have a new trailer and an old trailer and the comparison is pretty interesting. The new trailer features Mr. Movie Man voice over, which I could do without, but a picture that looks very very nice. Both trailers have brief scenes of when Yin and Yang (Brigette Lin) are fighting in the water, and the difference is amazing. The old trailer leaves a lot to be desired (I love the "with a hot Hong Kong cast"- I wish Mr. Movie Man was saying that), but I'm going to have to say that I think the images provided in the old trailer give a better representation of the film overall, and I don't think the film has change that much. Also, I have yet to be sold on the new soundtrack; I just love the old soundtrack with its weird synthesizer sound so much, its hard for me to let go.

As if my own illogical anticipation for Redux isn't enough, reports from Cannes are nothing but encouraging. Amy Taubin's report in Film Comment calmed my fears: "With its gloriously souped-up digital re-colorization and new soundtrack with solos by Yo-Yo Ma, what had been the most abstract and difficult to follow of Wong's films is now wildly even more so."


joetron2030 said...

That all sounds promising. I most likely won't be able to see it until it comes out on DVD though. But, I do look forward to seeing a version of this movie that's more "watchable" than the current DVD version that's out there (at least from Netflix).

tosca said...

i just came out of the theatre (TIFF) having seen Ashes of Time Redux for the very first time. It is incredibly beautiful, poetic, and yes, extremely abstract.

The soundtrack is gorgeous however being into funky old synth sound i seriously hope to hear the original score soon!!

Kathie Smith said...

I'm sooooo jealous! I'm very worried this isn't going to play in the Twin Cities, but that will just mean I will have to take a trip to see Redux!

The original soundtrack can be kinda hard to find, but if you are really interested, shoot me an e-mail with your address.