Monday, June 1, 2009

DRAG ME TO HELL + Dolsot Bibimbap + Guitar Hero = Happy Birthday

My perfect day? Pretty damn close. I don't get too worked up about birthdays but birthdays are an excellent excuse for selfish digressions.

Gift one: Drag Me to Hell
This year, May 29th was on a Friday, and I felt like films were opening just for me! And in my area of the world, that meant choosing between Up, Adoration, Rudo y Cursi, The Song of the Sparrows and Drag Me to Hell. Hidden within these choices is probably an excellent personality test: Which film do you most identify with? In my case, I am firmly, with no hesitation, a Drag Me to Hell girl. Equal parts guilty pleasure and sheer joyful entertainment, Drag Me to Hell was an excellent birthday gift.

Much has been made in the past few weeks about Sam Raimi's journey from cult horror hero to indie innovator to blockbuster salaryman. Whatever. Raimi marches to his own drum whether it is huge or small, great or schlocky. Ironically, Drag Me to Hell seems to be the amalgamation of all those things in the best possible way. If Drag Me feels like a return to Evil Dead, it is because the balance between scary, funny and completely offensive is perfect. But for better or worse, Drag Me has control and gloss that Raimi did not possess 28 years ago.

Raimi, fully aware of genre expectations, throws the handbook out the window. Scary things happen only at night? Forget it. Our poor heroine, Christine Brown, is taunted by demons during the day. Aren't you men tired of being the maniacal horror film menaces? Well, you can rest easy this time: it is an old lady who is turned into one of the creepiest characters you will ever have visit you in your dreams. Think horror is all about torture these days? Aw hell no. Raimi does more with mucus, maggots and nose bleeds than Eli Roth can shake baseball bat at. And lastly, don't be so friggin' serious! Let's have some kitten sacrifices, some crazy girl fights with biting (sans teeth) and hair pulling, and corpses that fall out of their coffin and spew embalming fluid all over the place. Yeah! And as for the good girl never're just going to have to check out the movie to find out about that one.

Gift two: Dolsot Bibimbap
Actually to be a little more precise: haemul pajeon, kimchi jeon, dolsot bibimbap and a big can of Sapporo beer at the best Korean Restaurant in the Twin Cities: Kings. If you live in the area and you haven't been to Kings, I suggest you go there as soon as you can. Don't let a strip mall in Fridley fool you: this place is a hidden gem. (Vegetarians beware: the wait staff will have a hard time not laughing when you ask for suggestions that do not have meat or seafood.)

Gift three: Guitar Hero III
I got a PS3 a while ago for Blu-Ray capabilities only. As much as I love playing video games with my nephew, I need another distraction like I need a swift kick to the head. So I have been resisting the game option that the PS3 offers (while silently perusing the video games at Target.) Best way to not feel guilty about playing video games? Receive them as a gift! My friends got me Guitar Hero III and NBA Live so I can get away from all those movies and join the real world occasionally. We spent a good part of the evening practicing "Barracuda" and "Talk Dirty to Me." Seriously fun and seriously funny. As for NBA Live, I am looking forward to deluding myself with a video game that Minnesota has a good NBA team.

Until next year (its a big one!), happy birthday to me.


YTSL said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to you Kathie!

Re vegetarian Korean food: I guess vegetarian = no seafood. If so, why not bibimbap minus the meat? Also, how about jap chae minus meat? That'd work, right?? And can't you have tofu jigae minus meat?? :b

Sandy Nawrot said...

I feel like a heel...I have yet to send you our gift, but as soon as I can get my ass in gear and get the kids out of school, maybe I will be able to focus. I seriously want to see this movie. So badly that I've been wondering if the kids can handle it. I'm thinking they would freak out, but it IS PG-13, and Orc heads don't scare them. Whatcha think?

Sandy Nawrot said...

Also, forgot to comment on your reading material. Did you buy the book? If so, please share the love.

Kathie Smith said...

YTSL, thanks! You are absolutely right: the vegetarian in our party had bibimbap sans beef and the kimchi jeon. And there has been the problem at this particular restaurant of understanding that no meat means no mean! It all worked out!

San, Drag Me to Hell would totally freak me out if I was a kid. And much of the tongue-in-cheek humor might be taken a little literally by the younger folk! Seriously, that gypsy lady: freaky!

I'll totally loan you Gomorrah. It is crazy. A good compliment to the movie.

joetron2030 said...

Happy belated birthday, Kathie.

I definitely agree with you on Kings. Yeah, it's in a strip mall. But, it's tucked right in between an adult gift store and a Korean grocery store. Talk about everything you need in a single destination! If the Mall of America were only more like this mall. LOL.

BTW, have you been out to Park'a in White Bear Lake/Maplewood? It's a buffet place. But, they will also grill meats korean style for you on demand (e.g., kalbi, etc.) I think it's owned by Koreans.

I think the only way you're going to get a good MN NBA team would be to choose to do a "fantasy draft" for a season. You can see if you can do better as a GM than McHale ever did!

I hope you got my replies to your Twitter DMs yesterday...

Kathie Smith said...

Oooo. I'm going to have to check out Park'a!

I'm going to bank on a good MN WNBA team! The Lynx wooped some ass last night!

Totally got your DMs. The review for Camera Obscura goes up Tuesday on In Review Online. I'll post it on my blog when it is up (with my anonymous reference to you!) and probably give it a tweet. I had a Mastodon review up on the same site a few weeks ago.

Daniel Getahun said...

Happy belated indeed, Kathie. That sounds like it was a pretty great couple of days. I haven't played Guitar Hero or Rock Band in a while (I own neither) and am hoping my friends dust off theirs off again soon.

"Let's have some kitten sacrifices"...haha, how cute...