Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home Movies - May

My picks for May are up on In Review Online: Home Movies - May. InRO's fearless leader, Sam, was in Cannes, so this week's is a double issue (to make up for all his slacking on Croisette.) Check out his coverage of Cannes as well as a new music podcast and a boatload of music and movie reviews.

The biggest news for May on the DVD front was the Criterion Imamura set which includes his career defining Pigs and Battleships, The Insect Woman and Intentions of Murder. I pre-ordered the set shortly after it was announce and have been working my way through the movies and the extras before I go back and watch them again. I'll offer my thoughts at some point, either individually or collectively.

I'm equally excited about Chris Marker's A Grin Without a Cat which I am going to pick up thanks to some birthday mad money. Not only does A Grin have re-watch value, but I will gladly pass this DVD around to friends. Unfortunately, the DVD is low on special features.

Check it all out here.


Sandy Nawrot said...

I expect you to bring something fun for us to view in July! I am hoping that you received your Amazon mad money?

Kathie Smith said...

Exactly the mad money I was referring to! Thanks!

Alessio Galbiati said...

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