Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Queer Takes at the Walker

Read my rundown of the Walker's film series Queer Takes in the Star Tribune here.

On the eve of Sacha Baron Cohen's blockbuster excuse to laugh at the gay guy comes a batch of films that not only acknowledges the audience's intelligence, but make the assumption that we are not homophobes. Crazy! The Walker's annual Pride Week film series begins tonight and runs through Thursday. Queer Takes: Standing Out starts out with a comedic bang and builds to the grand crescendo of a masterpiece. John Greyson's Fig Trees, screening Thursday night, is a work to behold. Visually stunning and cerebrally exciting, Fig Trees balances artistic experimentation with an authenticity to reality. It is completely unique and I can not stress enough that it is not to be missed. (It's free, for god's sakes.)

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reggie said...

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