Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MSPIFF log 4.17.11

No rush to post my viewing from this day, because both met my low expectations.

Gigola (2010)
dir. Laure Charpentier

Day 4
7th Film
(1/10) Not Recommended

This film can't figure out what is important: the past, the present, the future or simply empty affectation. As a result, it is really hard to care about any of it. Set in 1960s Paris, the film revolves around the loves, losses and conquests of Georgia (Lou Doillon, Jane Birkin's other daughter) in Pigalle's lesbian subculture. The narrative is all over the map and in the end emotionally vacant. What is meant to be serious ends up being silly.

Plays again: Saturday 4/30 9:00pm

The Troll Hunter (2010)
dir. André Øvredal

Day 4
8th Film
(3/10) Not Recommended (but if you are destine to see this, you are destine to see this)

Is it Trollhunter? Or Troll Hunter? Or The Troll Hunter? Whichever it is, I don't think I am giving anything away by saying it is about trolls. The set up is very Blair-Witch-Project-like: mysterious unauthenticated news footage of amateur reporters following a mysterious hunter leading to some mysterious secrets about real, live Norweigen trolls. But waiting for the trolls becomes tedious, and the material a replica of things we have seen before. Three-headed trolls, make for a diversion, but it's not enough. See The Troll Hunter with a crowd through, and you might just have a good time.

Opens in the Twin Cites on July 1.

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