Saturday, April 23, 2011

MSPIFF log 4.21.11

A Useful Life (2010)
dir. Federico Veiroj

Day 8
14th Film
(7/10) Recommended

A delightfully confounding film about the love of cinema and the love of the cinema, A Useful Life feels like a historical archive. In beautifully framed black and white, Jorge's life embodies the unglamorous rigor and passion for film exhibition. Rife with clever anecdotes and stylistic puns, the film chronicles the end of Montevideo's Cinemateca Uruguaya and Jorge's unexpected transition.

Applause (2009)
dir. Martin Zandliet

Day 8
15th Film
(7/10) Recommended

A one-woman show, reminiscent of Cassavete's Opening Night in its compare and contrast of stage and life, Applause catapults beyond the stagnant storyline with Paprika Steen's amazing performance. She plays Thea, an actress of certain claim and glamour who teeters between poise and vulgarity. Living under the shadow of her alcoholism, her story of recovery feels genuine from start to finish.

Plays again: Sunday 4/24 9:00pm

Midnight Son (2010)
dir. Scott Leberecht

Day 8
16th Film
(3/10) Not Recommended

The vampire genre takes another blow below the belt with this low-budget, blood-slurping drama. Unfortunately, the characters don't have the weight to carry the serious, slow-paced nature of this film.

Plays again: Saturday 4/23 10:00pm

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