Friday, April 22, 2011

MSPIFF log 4.20.11

Missed Tuesday at MSPIFF because I was working at the best theater in the Twin Cities, but I jumped right back in on Wednesday:

The Green Wave (2010)

dir. Ali Samadi Ahadi

Day 7
11th Film
(8/10) Highly Recommended

A fantastic documentary about the 2009 Iranian elections. A view from the foot soldiers of the protests, director Ali Samadi Ahadi combines rotoscoped images with guerrilla video with talking head interviews. The testimonials are unbelievable and the documentary is a tough watch. Incredibly compelling even if you do know the outcome.

Dooman River (2009)
dir. Zhang Lu

Day 7
12th Film
(6/10) Take It or Leave It

Beautifully shot and acted, Dooman River nonetheless suffers from the heavy handed cataclysms that befall the small village and the film's central family. Set on the Chinese side of the Dooman (Tuman) River where North Korean refugees have been fleeing for the past two decades. It's an interesting and subtle snapshot that derails from too much on dramatic intervention. Zhang Lu is still a director to watch.

Plays again: Thursday 4/28 9:30pm

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil (2010)
dir. Eli Craig

Day 7
13th Film
(8/10) Highly Recommended

Hilarious. Genre fans should not miss it.

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