Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kozyndan @ Toomer Gallery

Last Friday I missed the first opening at the Toomer Gallery, a collaboration between ROBOTlove and the Soo Visual Arts Center, because, well, Kenneth Anger would not get off stage and we were all mesmerized. When I stopped by the next day, Kris of ROBOTlove implied I didn't miss much at the opening, unless I liked being in small spaces with lots of people, but he is being modest. The inaugural show at this small space in the Soo has the fantastic work of Kozyndan. It looks like the Toomer is making good strides in filling the gap left by the OXOP Gallery, which closed last year.Kozyndan really do some fantastic illustrations: very graphically pleasing with a world of detail that is just waiting to be discovered. Although they have a bunny obsession, the show is not very bunny-centric.Kozyndan got my attention on the front of Giant Robot 23 (Spring 2003). Eric and Martin both speak very highly of Kozyndan, and never for a second regret having this unknown illustration team on the cover. The cover is a great take on Hokusai's The Wave, with bunnys. (Check it out here - under "Magazines, Books and Ads", second row, first image.)

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