Friday, January 26, 2007

Run Wrake's Rabbit

It used to be that short films were something for the very connected. Short films have always been the orphan children of art museums, film festivals or here-today-gone-tomorrow underground venue. You wouldn't be seeing these at your local theater and nor would you be able to rent the latest "shorts" VHS at the video store. Things have changed. The digital age has not only brought us the affordability of video, but also YouTube, $2 short films on iTunes, and DVDs laden with shorts options. Now the problem is not being able to see the shorts, but wading through the sea of them. Seeing Run Wrake's recent short Rabbit at this week's experimental shorts program at the Walker entitled Cut-n-Paste and Draw reminded me that there are things worth looking for in that sea.

This isn't a wholly original find on my part, of course. Run Wrake obviously has the attention of film curators, as well as the attention of many others: he was featured on the cover Res Magazine for Fall 2006; ABC news recently did a piece on him; and he has traveled all over the world with his films. For those who are looking for the nostalgia of the tactility of film in their shorts, this film is not for you. Rabbit is all about the dissolution of tactility into the digital world, and Run Wrake makes it seamless. Sure, you can watch Rabbit on YouTube, but it looks like crap, but you can also visit Run Wrake's awesome website (check out the resume!) and support the artist by buying a DVD.

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