Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Calling all Film Goats: MSPIFF Get Togethers!

Announcing the first ever MSPIFF Friday Film Goat Get Together!

Where: Pracna (right next to the St Anthony Main Theaters)
When: 5:30 to 7:00pm
Why: Because we really like movies.
Who: Moi and fellow blogger and all around nice guy Daniel at Getafilm.

Let's get together for a drink and talk about plans for the Film Festival!

Some people find goats annoying, but look at that little fella above: cute, a champion, and not concerned with worldly objects like ribbons. Just like us! Yes, I am equating film fans to goats: tenacious, unflappable and willing to try anything - exactly what you need to be for the MSPIFF.

Yes, it's an open call - we are brave to want to meet you and you are even more brave to want to meet us! Although I have been trying to keep my identity a secret for a while, it's time for me to bust out of my shell! Daniel and I are anxious to place faces with names and match obsessions with obsessions. There might even be a proverbial how-many-movies-can-you-see arm wrestling match in the wings. Stop by. Say hi. Have a drink. Let's talk about the Festival. Providing all goes well, we'll do it again next Friday, possibly a late edition.

(I'm not really a NASCAR chick. I'll be wearing a blue Minnesota Timberwolves hat - no doubt, no one else in their right mind will be wearing one - and probably have a big backpack with bike helmet.)


Sandy Nawrot said...

I am a literary goat, and I like drinks, so I figure I would qualify. Sorry I cannot attend, but will be there in spirit! Looks like you had some work done on you since Sunday!

Daniel Getahun said...

Looks like we might have to fight for a table outside tomorrow - 72 degrees!

This should be an interesting fest - the website is down right now, presumably due to traffic.

Louis Lapat said...

I will be there, my film plays at 7:45 that night, hope to see some people there, looking forward to meeting you's my film:
Win or Lose