Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Review Online: April Home Movies, XIAO WU and PLATFORM

The most recent issue of In Review Online is up and I have a couple different items for perusal:

Home Movies: April
April was full of interesting DVD releases, most notably, two titles from Nagisa Oshima: Empire of Passion and In the Realm of the Senses (the later on Blu-Ray!) Empire of Passion was not included in the Oshima retrospective that played here last Fall, so I actually watched the deplorable DVD from Fox Lorber. I'll gladly watch that again. It would be hard to top the experience of seeing In the Realm of the Senses at the Walker, but there would be something psychologically interesting about 'enjoying' it at home by yourself...

Reviews of Jia Zhangke's Xiao Wu and Platform
The final part of InRO's Directrospective on Jia has Sam covering Unknown Pleasures and me covering Xiao Wu and Platform, two films I am very fond of and hardly feel I have done them justice.

Loads to read in Issue #34 (including a review of the new release from local boy P.O.S.)

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