Friday, April 24, 2009

MSPIFF Friday Film Goat Get Togethers

Calling all Film Goats: the second ever MSPIFF Friday Film Goat Get Togethers!

Where: Pracna
When: 9:00pm-ish

Yes, it is the second edition of the film goat get togethers hosted by me and Daniel over at Getafilm. We will be heading to Pracna after our respective 7 o'clock screenings, just in time for happy hour (which runs from 9-11:00.) Stop by. I won't humiliate myself again by wearing a T-Wolves hat; chances are I will be wearing a short billed brown hat that has a very small Behind Bars Bike Shop logo (voted best bike shop!) I'm not nearly as cute as the goat above.

1 comment:

Sandy Nawrot said...

That is quite a cute goat, if that is possible. He is even smiling.