Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Catalyst and Hijack @ Rouge Buddha

Rogue Buddha Gallery in NE Minneapolis has been hosting some dance and performance events recently. Although the space is not very big, I was surprised at how spacious it could be when things get cleared out of the back half of the gallery. About 30 people comfortably fit in the front half for a show tonight with Catalyst and Hijack.

The program was called "Windfarm Series #2, part 1, New work by Catalyst and Hijack: one solo. one duet." I can only assume there was a Windfarm #1, but who knows. Windfarm is, to paraphrase the program notes, a dance series presented by Catalyst at the Rogue Buddha with the simple goal of of providing an informal performance space for experimental dances. Catalyst is Emily Johnson and Hijack is Kristin Van Loon and Arwen Wilder, all three icons of the local dance scene.

Hijack's work has the most brilliant combination of absurdity and physicality, and this new piece, Colin Rusch, was no different. Colin Rusch is also a local dancer/performer, but what this performance has to do with him is beyond me. Van Loon and Wilder came out dressed in some pretty ridiculous clothes with clear packing tape wrapped around them, so that every move was accompanied by the crackle of the tape. With three props (a chair, an eight foot pole, and a map of world population density from like 1972) the two reacted with and against one another in a way that I can only describe as 'Hijack style.' Despite the avant-garde nature of their dances, there is also a formalness to their movements and use of space that I appreciate.

Johnson performed her new piece One For Resolve/Emily. I'm less familiar with her work, but know that she shares some of the same sensibilities as Hijack. The element of absurdity is definitely their, but it is also combined with a tinge of sadness.

Future Windfarm events:
March 27 - Hannah Kramer, Jessica Cressey and Emily Johnson perform Pamela and Mad King Thomas performs Cover your head and kiss your ass goodbye.
April 24 - Sarah Baumert performs One for Resolve/Sarah.

I can only assume these event start at 8pm. Sorry for the lack of visuals; author forgot her camera.

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