Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pi, Minneapolis' coolest bar has arrived!

I can't say that opening a bar has ever been on my list of things I could do, but that is not the case with friend Tara. She took the bull by the horns and her new bar Pi (pronounced 'pie') opened this weekend at 2532 25th Ave South. And, wow, it looks amazing.

We went to a little preview party Thursday and the space that used to be an American Legion has just been transformed.

There is the bar/eatery.
The pool room (6 pool table, 2 pinball machines.)
And the dance floor with bar at one end.
I've signed up to program movies for a Monday night dinner and a movie deal starting sometime in March. Yes, it's a bar for the ladies, but everyone is welcome. It sounds like Pi did some smash up business over the weekend, and it couldn't be more deserved. To everyone that has worked on Pi in the last six months, congratulations! It looks awesome!

Pi MySpace
Pi article in Star Tribune

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