Thursday, February 15, 2007

Too many films, not enough time

If it's feast or famine for interesting film viewing, then this next week looks to be feasting time here in the Twin Cities. Lots-o-good things opening tomorrow, and most with "one week only" runs. Here's the list in no particular order:

Inland Empire @ the Oak Street
Okay, this is at the top of this list and my list. Lynch's DV extravaganza is something I wouldn't miss for the world. As a matter of fact I might go twice.

Documentary Shorts Oscar Nominees @ the Riverview Theater
The Riverview has been doing a great job at presenting this program every year before the Oscars for a while. Now when the director you have never heard of comes up to accept the award you will know whether or not he or she deserves it.

Le petit lieutenant @ the Parkway Theater
Someone at the Parkway is still making some interesting program choices, even under new ownership. It looks like this film is actually out on DVD, but go to the Parkway instead, it is more interesting than your house.

Iraq in Fragments @ the Bell
This highly praised documentary finally makes its appearance in the Twin Cities. Touted as a documentary with fine craft and powerful content, I am excited to see this film even if it is at the Bell.

Animated Shorts Oscar Nominees @ the Lagoon
Live Action Shorts Oscar Nominees @ the Lagoon
Sure, you could probably check these out on YouTube, but here's a great chance to see them as they should look. I feel like the people who work on these films are the most deserving of the Academy's recognition. Skip Babel and go see one of these.

Have fun!

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Orato Editor said...

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