Sunday, March 4, 2007

Find the little house

Just a couple more inches and our house would have been swallowed up!
I'm going to have to say that the onslaught of snow in the past week has made life pretty sucky. Shoveling this driveway is no fun and it is downright stupid. It is definitely one of those stories we can tell when we are old.

There is the hard working shovel on the left with some of the mountains of snow behind our house. And on the right is the daunting view from the bottom of the drive. Spring can not come soon enough!


jmberes said...

Have you considered Florida? My grandparents 'winter' there and they say it's all the rage.

Anonymous said...

Hey, yes, come on down to FL, I've got a great house you can stay in-for free! Lovely private drive, WONDERFUL neighbors. Come join us.


Nancy Nark said...

I have noticed that you look extra buff lately, I thought it was because you were going to the gym. Now I know that it is just from manual (snow removal) labor. Nancy Nark