Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What is the deal with Myth?

I don't like this trend that the club Myth has started: shows in the suburbs. Mastodon just announced new tour dates and if I wanted a second chance to judge if Mastodon sucks or not, guess where I will be going? You guessed in: Myth in Maplewood. Myth also hosted the other most-talked-about metal band, Wolfmother a couple weeks back. Needless to say, Myth is another Clear Channel muckety-muck making just-say-no-to-Ticketmaster harder and harder.

I was mildly interested in seeing Wolfmother, but as of yet there haven't been any shows there that I couldn't live without seeing. I guess I shouldn't criticize until I go and check it out. I know there a re just as many people in the suburbs that feel stigmatized by 'the city' as I do the suburbs, but it just doesn't seem right to have cool shows outside of St Paul/Minneapolis proper. (That is unless they build a stadium out there and they can have all the stadium shows.) Am I being an asshole? Probably.

I am ready to be told I am wrong. Myth's official website boasts that it "is the Midwest's finest entertainment venue." It does look nice, in a suburban kind of way. I love this quote about the place: "Size does matter, but it is also how you use it." They also assure people that they have a "sexy and attentive staff." Well, I don't think they are marketing to me (or maybe they are and they just don't know it.) I just can't be too serious about a place that has 'full contact cage fighting' and their tag line 'Myth: Night. Life. Style.'


jmberes said...

I hope I don't get too annoying with my comments here. Myth as a concept really irks me - it seems to play in to the whole VIP concept a bit too much. I haven't been there either, and really don't feel the need to go. Not to mention all of the shows there are super pricy - probably to cover the high-cost sexy staff.

Mastodon at the Myth? lame.

Kathie Smith said...

Couldn't agree with you more. The swanky pictures on the website should explain some of the cost. The only people I know who are going to Myth the teenage kids of friends and co-workers. Boycott Myth? Okay with me.