Friday, March 2, 2007

Too many films, not enough time; No.2

The second edition of must see movies in the Twin Cities for the week, and my own personal list of things to see:

The Aura @ the Oak Street
Argentinian director Fabian Belinsky died last year at 47 after making only two features, this and thiller Nine Queens (2000), sadly cutting his rising career short. I heard good things about this film when it played last year at Sundance.

El Topo
@ the Oak Street
If you go see one film this week, go see El Topo. To call this film a cult classic does not do it justice. It is a story of one man's religious jouney in the form of a surreal western that is unlike anything else. Long unavailable on film or DVD, the Oak Street will be screening a new print of this mind trip masterpeice. Don't miss it.

The Lives of Others @ the Uptown
The Best Foriegn Film winner continues and moves to the Uptown. This may be one film worthy of an Oscar.

Tears of the Black Tiger
@ the Lagoon
I may have just dissed Wisit Sananatieng's Citizen Dog, but that's mostly because his Tears of the Black Tiger is such a show-stopper. This Thai Western melodrama is nothing but good honest cinematic fun. It's came out in 2001 but is just now making it to theaters in the US. A big screen must see!

Women With Vision @ the Walker
Where to start? The Walker is offering up 18 films over the next couple weeks made by the best and brightest women filmmakers around the world. Here's what stands out to me, but by all means check out the schedule and do your own deciding: Red Road, Day Night Day Night, Daniele Huillet films, Music of Regret, Boxers, In Between Days, and Urban Exploreres.

Have fun!

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