Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Twin Cities Fourth Arab Film Festival

Mizna's Fourth Arab Film Festival hits town this week end at the Heights Theater some buzz films to catch and buzz people to see. One example is the . The Festival is a good chance to see a group of films that fly far below the radar. Most are below my radar, for sure, but there are definitelySundance superstar The Devil Came on Horseback (Friday night at 9pm, directors Annie Sunberg and Ricki Stern appearing), and another example is the appearance of Sweet Land director Ali Selim to introduce opening night film Heaven's Doors (Thursday night at 7pm).

I wish there was more press about the festival and that I could offer a more intelligent analysis. Go take a chance on a film you have never heard of: The Twin Cities Fourth Arab Film Festival Schedule. See you there.

EDIT: Here's an article in the City Pages about the important work Mizna does.

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